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Mettler Toledo®  -  Excellence XS Analytical Balances  -  XS304  
LIST PRICE: $7,440.00
YOUR PRICE: $6,170.60
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Discontinued by Manufacturer, Please Call for Alternatives
This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
Replacement/Alternative product:
Mettler Toledo XSR304
Mettler Toledo XSR304
320 g x 0.1 mg
Price: $6,930.00
Replacement/Alternative item: Mettler Toledo XSR304

Mettler Toledo® - XS304 - Analytical Balance

The Mettler Toledo XS304 has a capacity of 320 grams and a readability of 0.1 milligram. The Excellence XS analytical balances sets new standards in weighing performance. SmartGrid, the revolutionary grid weighing pan, sucessfully minimizes the effects of turbulence in the weighing chamber. Results are more accurate and stabilization times dramatically shorter. ErgoClips, the brilliant accessories for the grid weighing pan, allow secure placement of all tare vessels - for maximum weighing efficiency.

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Special Features:
Product Literature:
Mettler Toledo - XS304
Capacity 320 g
Readability 0.1 mg
Pan Size 79 x 73 mm / 3.07 x 2.87"
Tare range (from…to) 0…320 g
Repeatability (nominal) (sd) 0.1 mg (300 g)
Repeatability (5% load) (sd) 0.12 mg
Linearity deviation 0.2 mg
Eccentricity (test load) 0.3 mg (100 g)
Sensitivity offset (test weight) 1 mg (200 g)
Sensitivity temperature drift 0.00015&/°C
Sensitivity stability 0.0002%/year
Typical Values
Repeatability (5% load) (sd) 0.04 mg
Linearity deviation 0.15 mg
Eccentricity (test load) 0.16 mg (100 g)
Sensitivity offset (test weight) 0.8 mg (200 g)
USP minimum sample weight
<5% load, k=2, U=1%)
120 mg
Minimum sample weight
5% load, k=2, U=1%)
12 mg
Settling time 1.5 seconds
Calibration and adjustment FACT (fully automatic internal adjustment with advanced features)
Interface RS232 (included), Ethernet/Bluetooth/USB/PS2 optional

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