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CAS®  -  PD-II Series POS Interface Scale  -  PD-II-15  
NTEP Certified
Legal for trade
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CAS® - PD-II-15 - POS Scale

ECR interface scale. Legal for trade. Dual range weight measurement. Interfaces to most popular electronic cash registers. Optional pole mounted VFD display. Standard large weighing pan of stainless steel construction for easy cleaning. Optional ball top tray.

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Special Features:
Product Literature:
CAS - PD-II-15
Capacity 6/15 lb (Dual Range)
Readability 0.002/0.005 lb
Pan Size 15 x 11"
Units lb, oz
Display 6 Digit VFD
Temperature Range 14-140 deg F / -10 - 60 deg C
Power Source 120VAC, 60 Hz
Scale Dimensions 14.96 x 11.02 x 3.11"
Scale Weight 14.77 lb
Accessories for PD-II-15: To order Accessories please call
Item No Accessory Your Price
PDR2 Remote Display $195.00
7880-PD0-4120 Casio I/F Cable, 4 Bit Parallel $30.00
7880-PD0-4143 Comtrex I/F Cable, 4 Bit Parallel $30.00
7880-PD0-4141 CRS I/F Cable, RS-232 $30.00
7880-PD0-4123 Esper I/F Cable, 4 Bit Parallel $30.00
7880-PD0-4122 Esper I/F Cable, RS-232 $30.00
7880-PD0-4129 IBM/PC 25 Pin I/F Cable, RS-232 $30.00
7880-PD0-4128 IBM/PC 9 Pin I/F Cable, RS-232 $30.00
7880-PD0-4125 NCR I/F Cable, RS-232 $30.00
7880-PD0-4126 Omron I/F Cable, 40 Bit Serial $30.00
7880-PD0-4127 Omron I/F Cable, RS-232 $30.00
7880-PD0-4142 Panasonic I/F Cable, RS-232 $30.00
7880-PD0-4130 Samsung 9 Pin I/F Cable, RS-232 $30.00
7880-PD0-4140 Samsung 6 Pin I/F Cable, RS-232 $30.00
7880-PD0-4131 Sanyo 9 Pin I.F Cable, 4 Bit Parallel $30.00
7880-PD0-4132 Sanyo 25 Pin I/F Cable, RS-232 $30.00
7880-PD0-4145 Sanyo 25 Pin I/F Cable, 4 Bit Parallel $30.00
7880-PD0-4133 Sharp I/F Cable, 4 Bit Parallel $30.00
7880-PD0-4134 Sharp I/F Cable, RS-232 $30.00
7880-PD0-4144 Super Charger I/F Cable, 4 Bit Parallel $30.00
7880-PD0-4136 Swintec 25 Pin I/F Cable & RS-232 $30.00
7880-PD0-4135 Swintec 9 pPin I/F Cable & RS-232 $30.00
7880-PD0-4137 TEC I/V Cable & 4 Bit Parallel $30.00
7880-PD0-4138 TEC I/F Cable & RS-232 $30.00
7880-PD0-4139 Uniwell I/F Cable & RS-232 $30.00
TP23 Ball Platter $140.00
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