Precision Balances

Precision Balances

Choosing the right precision balances is extremely important when you are working in the industries that require precise product weighing.

A few examples of areas where precise weighing is the most important requirement are jewelry retail, food packaging, shipping and laboratory-related work. In such areas, the smallest error in measurement can cause a terribly unfavorable outcome of the work being done.

Understanding these needs for precise weighing, we, at, have put together a selection of products to cater for your specific needs.

All products offered in our store are guaranteed in their high quality and durability, as we only sell products from premium brands, such as; 'Acculab', 'A&D', 'Adam Equipment', 'Mettler-Toledo' and 'Ohaus'.

These companies are the leading manufacturers for precision balances whose products have been trusted to serve users in various businesses.

Each of these manufacturers has different focuses and emphasis to offer. In you can always look for the accurate information regarding these manufacturers and the specifications of their leading products.

'Acculab' can be considered as one of the companies that produce the most complete range of balances for all types of use. They emphasize on product durability, user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

'Ohaus' also offers a complete range of products with an emphasis on guaranteeing that while their products are highly precise in their weighing system, they also have strong durability for classroom uses. One of the leading products manufactured by 'Ohaus' is the newly invented 'Adventurer Pro' balance which has the weighing capacity between 51 and 8100g.

'Mettler-Toledo' offers a range of microbalances that have not been matched by others. The latest invention of this manufacturer is the XP Microbalances which has the weighing capacity of 52g and readability accuracy to 0.001mg.

'Mettler-Toledo' is also a leading manufacturer of jewelry balances with various products that can ensure the accurate weighing of gold and carat contents of traded jewelry. Some of the leading products are; the JL-G and JL-C Series 'Jewelry Light' Gold Balances. Both series are equipped with automatic adjustment with external weights, an integrated auxiliary display and below-the-balance weighing device.

In the light industrial markets 'Adam Equipment' has introduced a product that is suitable for computer-based use; the CPWplus M Series, which can transport the collected data into computer program such as MS-Excel for further data processing and analysis.

Purchasing your choice of precision balances from our store will be an advantage for you as we can guarantee competitive product and shipping prices which we always update on daily basis, and manufacturer's warranty which is included on every product that you purchase.

We are committed to selling high quality products at competitive prices. Our store only offer products manufactured by the leading companies; we do not sell low-quality, cheap products. You are invited to browse our website to find out more about the most current prices and deals.

Precision balances sold at are guaranteed for their quality, as they are equipped with specific functions and high precision measurement systems which are well-designed for your personal, business and laboratory uses.