Ohaus Scales

Ohaus Scales

Ohaus scales manufactured by the company started by Gustav Ohaus and his father, Karl Ohaus, have been known for their quality and trusted by users around the world since they started their company in 1907.

The high quality offered by Ohaus scales are well recognized by every company in the weighing industry including us, at affordablescales.com, where providing a quality product at competitive prices is the way we do our business.

Since the father and son started their business with the balances product line, Ohaus has always been committed in keeping up with the latest technology in improving their products. Their success in the balances product line was later on followed by adding Ohaus scales product line into their business.

In the counting scales product line, Ohaus has the EC Series Counting Scales, which can be used for objects with minimum average piece weights from 0.01g to 0.1g. Each EC Series product is equipped with 10 memory locations and 600,000 internal resolutions to ensure fast and accurate counting. This series is ideal for rentals and any portable applications.

In the jewelry scales product line, any choice of Ruby Series Compact Jewelry Scales will be a good one if you are looking for a compact and accurate jewelry scale. Products in this series have the capacity of up to 2,500g and they can weigh in grams, ounces, troy ounces and pennyweights.

If you are looking for an excellent shipping scale, SD Series Shipping Scales are the Ohaus Scales to purchase. Products in this series are portable and durable with rugged construction to support the capacity of up to 35, 75 or 200kgs. This series is ideal for home office, mail room and general dry weighing applications.

If you are looking for a simple but durable scale, one of the PS Series Portable Pocket Scales is the product for you. Products of this series can weigh objects up to 250g and the sliding weighing platform serves as protective cover for the display when the scales are not being used. The accuracy of products in this series makes them ideal for weighing jewelry, coins and small parts.

For the food services industry, there are the FD Series Food Services Scales which are legal for trade and suitable for use in any areas that requires cleanliness, precision and configurability.

Last but not least, there is also Valor 3000 Xtreme Washdown Waterproof Scales for customers who expect to do business in the toughest environments. Products of this series have up to 6,000g capacity and are equipped with 0.01g and 20,000d readability. Another distinct feature of this series is the user adjustable filtering and stability setting that allows the product to operate accurately in drafty and unstable conditions.

Ohaus has proven its quality by introducing new inventions that follow every development of technology to ensure that each specific customer's need is catered for.

The growing number of customers of affordablescales.com who purchase Ohaus scales shows that their growing needs are met by the quality of Ohaus products. Therefore, you can be sure that your Ohaus product purchased from our store will be a good investment for your growing business.