Ohaus Balances

Ohaus Balances

Ohaus has been the leading balance manufacturer for decades as its products have been known for their high quality of accuracy and durability.

We, at affordablescales.com are committed to only selling premium products from the leading manufacturers. Ohaus balances have been on our product list for years and the number of customers who choose Ohaus products for their specific business requirements and expectations has increased each year.

The qualities guaranteed by Ohaus products include; accuracy, durability/heavy duty, and affordable prices. How Ohaus can reach its position as one of the market leaders in the balance industry? Let us take a look at its development.

'Ohaus Harvard Trip Balance' introduced in 1912 was Ohaus' first product that was accepted as a standard used to judge other mechanical balances from the time it was introduced to the present time.

By 1969, the world has benefited from various Ohaus balances that were manufactured to satisfy the varying business needs. Some of the achievements during this period were the magnetic damping incorporated in 1963 which was successful in providing quicker results in low-cost reloading products and the 'Dial-O-Gram' model which successfully won the Master Design of 1966 Award from the Product Engineering Magazine.

In 1968, Ohaus opened the educational product line. The new balance introduced for the classroom use was cheaper than the Harvard Trip Balance, but still provided the same level of accuracy.

In 1982, Ohaus introduced the first portable laboratory balance, the 'Port-O-Gram'. This balance had the high resolution of 1:20,000. This invention was followed by another in 1984, when Ohaus launched the first electronic moisture determination balance.

Inventions of Ohaus balances did not stop there. Instead, as time went by, Ohaus started to open new lines of product again.

In 1988, Ohaus introduced the first type of its 'E' series products, which was the first electronic toploading balance to exist in the world. Once again, Ohaus' product became a performance standard for similar products.

In 1995, the first types of modular balances, the 'Voyager' and 'Explorer' were launched, followed by the first full-featured portable balance, known as the 'New Navigator,' in 1998.

For a few years afterwards, Ohaus' production was focused on its scale product lines until it finally introduced new product in the industrial balance line in 2003. The products introduced were the 'Pro' series; the 'Scout Pro', 'Adventurer Pro' and 'Voyager Pro'. Improved versions of these products were subsequently launched in 2004 and 2005.

The latest balance invention of Ohaus was the semi-micro and analytical balance, named as 'Discovery', which was launched in 2006. This product was equipped with high accuracy in weighing and analytical performance, which made it the best in its class.

Ohaus' commitment to producing high quality balances has been proven by the long years of experience in researching and manufacturing various types of balances. This commitment has led to many of its products being accepted as the leading products in their classes.

Having learned about the long journey of perfection of Ohaus balances, we, at affordablescales.com, guarantee that their product will stand up to the overall quality expected; accuracy, durability/heavy-duty, and affordable prices.