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Veritas®  -  i-Thermo Series Moisture Balances  -  A64M  
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Veritas - A64M - Moisture Balance

The Veritas A64M four place moisture balance has a capacity of 60 grams and a readability of 0.1 milligram. The i-Thermo series moisture balances offer an innovative double casing and double microprocessor design to ensure outstanding performance. The outer plastic shell encases an inner cast aluminum shell with two chambers to separately enclose the weighing unit and electronic boards. This unique aspect of the i-Thermo moisture analyzers protect the weighing cell from heat radiated from the heating chamber above. Two microprocessors ensure outstanding performance by dedicating a processor to both the weighing cell and the heating element. Additionally, all i-Thermo moisture balances can use the Veritas tablet system which allows for test setup and monitoring via a USB or Bluetooth connected adroid tablet. The tablet app allows for full instrument test setup and recording of test results as well as keeping a database of drying methods in memory.

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Special Features:
Product Literature:
Veritas - A64M
Capacity 60 g
Readability 0.1 mg
Pan Size 100mm / 3.9 inches
Moisture resolution 0.001%
Repeatability +/- 0.0001g
Linearity +/- 0.0003g
Tare range To capacity by subtraction
Heating element Halogen
Temperature range 35°C - 160°C
Temperature increments/resolution 1°C
Temperature compensation 80°C…150°C or selectable
Temperature slew rate approximately 30C/min
Moisture range 0.00% - 100%
Dry residual range 100.00% - 0.00%
Dry residual readability 0.01%
Time setting 1 - 99 minutes by 1 minute steps
Autostop 0.1% - 9.9%
Power (heater) 115Vac 400 Watt
Power (balance) 115Vac 50-60Hz
Display Backlit LCD
Dimensions 12.8 X 8 X 7.9 Inches
Net weight 13.4 lbs
Minimum Sample Weight 1g (3g - 10g recommended)
Accessories for A64M: To order Accessories please call
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A753 Sample Pans (Pack of 50) $30.00
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