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Mettler Toledo®  -  XPR Analytical Balances  
Mettler Toledo XPR Analytical Balances
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Mettler Toledo®  -  XPR Analytical Balances

Mettler Toledo XPR Excellence series analytical balances are designed to provide right-first-time results with an array of quality assurance functions. The patented StaticDetect™ system detects static charges on samples that may interfere with correct results and can be used with the optional ionizing module to eliminate any static charge within the chamber. The integrated StatusLight™, LevelControl and GWP Approved work actively together to ensure all the relevant conditions for correct weighing are satisfied, giving you the reassurance that your results are valid. Optional modules make it easy for you to quickly upgrade your balance to provide automated powder and/or liquid dosing. Automated dosing enables you to achieve a level of accuracy that is impossible to match in a manual process. Connect all your Excellence laboratory instruments to LabX software for full support with regulatory compliance. LabX helps you meet FDA ALCOA+ requirements for data integrity.

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Model No Capacity Readability Pan Size List Price Your Price Purchase
XPR204 220 g 0.1 mg 78 x 73 mm $11,080.00 $9,943.60
XPR105DR 41 g / 120 g 0.01 mg / 0.1 mg 78 x 73 mm $12,600.00 $11,307.70
XPR105 120 g 0.01 mg 78 x 73 mm $16,270.00 $14,601.30
XPR205D5 220 g 0.05 mg 78 x 73 mm $14,280.00 $12,815.40
XPR205DR 81 g / 220 g 0.01 mg / 0.1 mg 78 x 73 mm $17,170.00 $15,409.00
XPR205 220 g 0.01 mg 78 x 73 mm $19,420.00 $17,428.20
XPR305D5 320 g 0.05 mg 78 x 73 mm $15,280.00 $13,712.80
XPR206DR 81 g / 220 g 0.005 mg / 0.01 mg 78 x 73 mm $21,940.00 $19,670.30
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