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Mettler Toledo®  -  XP-L Series High Load Comparators  -  XP64002L  
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Mettler Toledo® - XP64002L - Mass Comparator

Thanks to a resolution of up to 26 million points and the LevelMatic mechanism, accuracy is peak at shortest process times to fulfill the highest demands in mass determination. The unique color touchscreen terminal makes operation as convenient as can be. WeighCom, the built-in application for mass determination, guides you step by step through the process and includes air buoyancy correction for best results.

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Special Features:
Product Literature:
Mettler Toledo - XP64002L
Capacity 64.1 kg
Readability 10 mg
Pan Size 360 x 280 mm
Repeatability (sd) typical 8mg + 3 x10-7·Rgr
Differential eccentric load deviation (sd) typical 5 x10-6·Rnt
Sensitivity offset (sd) typical (In the temperature range 10…30°C) 4 x10-6·Rnt
Repeatability at nominal load (ABA, measured at) 25 mg (60 kg)
Repeatability at low load (ABA, measured at) 10 mg (5 kg)
Pre-load with fullrange 0…2.4 kg
Linearity (electrical weighing range) 50 mg
Eccentric load deviation (measured at) According to OIML R76 0.4 g (24 kg)
Sensitivity offset 1.5 x10- 5·Rnt
Sensitivity temperatur drift (In the temperature range 10…30°C) 5 x10-6/ ºC·Rnt
Sensitivity stability 3 x10-5/a·Rnt
Settling time 8…12 sec
Interface update rate 23 /sec
Adjustment with external weights 10 kg
Weighing platform dimensions (W x D x H) 360 x 280 x 130 mm
Terminal dimensions (W x D x H) 194 x 133 x 58 mm
Weighing pan dimensions (W x D) 360 x 280 mm
Weight 10.7 kg
Accessories for XP64002L: To order Accessories please call
Item No Accessory Your Price
11106741 Foot-operated switch for balance functions $336.60
11132601 ErgoSens: hands-free sensor for balance functions $271.90
11132500 RS232C option: interface for connection of a printer (RS-P42), computer or titrator $215.60
11132535 BTS option: Bluetooth Interface, single-point connection $272.81
11132505 LocalCAN option: interface for connection of up to five LC (LocalCAN) instruments $226.90
11132515 Ethernet option:interface Ethernet for connection to Ethernet network $438.80
11132520 PS/2 option: interface for connecting commercial keyboards and barcode readers $263.40
11600517 Terminal extension cable, 4.5m $105.90
11101051 RS9 RS9 (m/f): connection cable for PC or RS-P42, length = 1 m $86.30
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