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Mettler Toledo®  -  AX Series Mass Comparators  -  AX1004  
Mettler Toledo® AX Series Mass Comparators
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Mettler Toledo® - AX1004 - Mass Comparator

The AX1004 is a comparator balance for mass comparison or comparison weighing of weight pieces and other objects up to 1,109 g with 0.1 mg readability. It is designed to meet requirements of National Institute of Metrology , national and industrial calibration laboratories, weights and measures offices and verification offices for legal metrology weights.

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Special Features:
Mettler Toledo - AX1004
Capacity 1,109 g
Readability 0.1 mg
Pan Size Hanging 100 mm Ø
Repeatability 0.07 mg
Settling time (typical) 10..20 s
Adjustment with internal weights at a keystroke
Electrical weighing range 0...109 g
Linearity ± 0.15 mg
Dialing weights 500. 300. 100. 100 g
Adjustment with external weights 100 g
Temperature (°C)(+/- 1°C) 10...30 °C
Max. temperature change (°C/24h) 0.5
Relative air humidity (%) (+/-2%) 40 - 70 %
AC adapter 115 x 140 x 53 mm
Klimet A30 optional
Sensitivity drift +/- 1.5 ppm / °C
Front glass (coated) optional
Weighing pan diameter hanging 100 mm
Free space for weighing pan 135 mm
Weights included in delivery 1 kg F1-OIML
Feedthrough for below-the-balance weighing standard
Balances 241 x 433 x 289 mm
MCLink software optional
GA42 printer optional
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