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Innovision®  -  WS Wireless Wheelchair Scale  -  WS-1204  
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Innovision® - WS-1204 - Wheelchair Scale

Portable, Lightweight with Wireless Controller, this makes setup and ease of use phenominal. The scale design has 3 major elements: 4 low profile, portable, battery-operated weighing pads, and a wireless remote display. To weigh a patient, a health care provider places a weighing pad in front of each wheel and simply rolls the wheelchair or gurney/bed onto the 4 pads. The pads communicate wirelessly to the remote display, which combines the measurements from each pad, subtracts the weight of the wheelchair or gurney/bed, and displays the resulting patient weight.

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Special Features:
Product Literature:
Innovision - WS-1204
Capacity 1200 lbs
Readability 0.5 lb
Pan Size n/a
Accuracy ±(1 lbs + 0.5%)
Net Weight 13 lbs, 6 kg
Power Controller: 3 AAA Lithium batteries
Pads: 2 EL-123 batteries each
Accessories for WS-1204: To order Accessories please call
Item No Accessory Your Price
AWS-0105 Wheel Stop Assembly (pair) $16.00
RCG-0208 Controller Glove $10.00
M-91 Ramp Assembly (pair) $48.00
D-256 Hard-Shell Rolling Case $125.00
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