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Detecto®  -  PS Series Portion Control Scales  
Detecto PS Series Portion Control Scales
NSF Certified
Certified Sanitary

Detecto®  -  PS Series Portion Control Scales

The smooth lines of the molded poly enclosure, lift-off stainless steel commodity tray, and sealed membrane keypad make cleaning the PS Scales easy. The commodity tray utilizes welded studs on the bottom of the tray that fit tightly into the weighbridge of the scale. The main board on each unit has a moisture resistant coating, adding additional protection from the elements of everyday use in the food industry. The PS Series Scales can be operated on battery or AC power.

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Model No Capacity Readability Pan Size List Price Your Price Purchase
PS-4 4lbs / 2,000g 0.1oz / 1g 5.9 x 4.75" /150 x 120mm $250.00 $196.60
PS-7 7lbs / 112oz / 3,000g 0.1oz / 0.005lb / 1g 8.02 x 4.96" / 204 x 126mm $446.00 $270.20
PS-11 11lbs / 176oz / 5,000g 0.1oz / 0.005lb / 2g 6.89 x 6.5" / 175 x 165mm $594.00 $509.10
PS-5A 70oz / 1,998g 0.1oz / 2g 6.75 x 5.25" / 171 x 133mm $482.00 $334.72
PS-6A 70oz 0.25oz 6.75 x 5.25" / 171 x 133mm $516.00 $344.00
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