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A&D is a subsidiary of A&D Company Ltd., a multinational corporation. The company is a world leader in high-technology measurement equipment and systems, with global sales over $200 million annually. It has offices in the United States, Japan, Australia, Korea, Great Britain and China.

A&D is a technology driven, market oriented, global manufacturer of measurement equipment; sensitive to multi-national needs and always providing…Clearly a Better Value to all those it serves. A&D’s growth has been, and will continue to be result of satisfying customers. A&D associates are trained, dedicated people who care about customer satisfaction.

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A&D MC Series Mass Comparators
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Equipped with an internal mass for simplified calibration of the balance. Enhanced function settings reduce errors due to drafts and vibrations. The MC Series may also be used as high resolution balances. Display weighing results with an extra decimal place not normally found in balances of this capacity. The extended resolution enables measurements of minute weight changes of heavy objects and small variations in heavy tare containers.

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Model No Capacity Readability Pan Size List Price Your Price Purchase
MC-1000S 1100g 0.0001g 128 x 125mm $6,470.00 $5,176.00
MC-6100S 6100g 0.001g 165 x 165mm $6,470.00 $5,176.00
MC-10KS 10.1kg 0.001g 270 x 210mm $7,750.00 $6,200.00
MC-30KS 31kg 0.01g 270 x 210mm $7,750.00 $6,200.00